Coffee with Dilis

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In the interview with “Coffee with Dilis”, on 12, February 2021. I was asked several questions pertaining to my entrepreneurial journey, from when I started to the present moment.

Entrepreneurship, as everyone knows, is a rough ride but in the end, it’s a beautiful journey worth taking. As I often said, ‘’entrepreneurship is like giving birth to a baby, the process is very painful and bloody but the end is very beautiful”.

I have been through thick and thin, and still going through it and learning more in the process.  Ironically, the biggest source of my success has been from lessons learned from failures. I dared to fail early enough, and this gave me remarkable opportunities to open my mind and find new ways to solve difficult problems.

A lot of people never really evolve past their comfort zones because they become too afraid of failure. You don’t need to figure everything out before taking the first step, and the more you let go of the idea of failing, the more you grow in life. Learn how to accept failure, as an integral part of the steps of success.


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